Night Market, Chiang Mai

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Visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand would not be complete without popping over to their famous night markets. Every day, as the sun sets, watch as the intersection of Tha Pae and Chang Klang roads come to life with vendors setting up shops that stretches for several blocks. It’s the very picture of a shopper’s paradise.

The convenient location is just a few minutes’ walk from many hotels, bars, restaurants, travel agencies, and other commercial establishments. Aside from the nightly bazaar, be sure to catch their weekend markets as well. There’s the Sunday market along Ratchadamonoen Road, and the Saturday evening market along Wualai Street. Another must-see is the two-level Vieng Ping Night Bazaar, where you’re more apt to find beautiful, local hand-crafted items at affordable prices.

Chiang Mai night bazaar is a great place to snag cool items like wallets, watches, local handicrafts, jewellery, colourful knick-knacks, and even gadgets at low prices. Once you see something you like, try to haggle! Be friendly and maybe even crack a couple of jokes to get the vendor to offer it to you at a lower cost. However, do keep in mind that they don’t earn a lot from their wares. Be reasonable and don’t play hardball.

Some of the best souvenirs to buy from the Thailand night market include: genuine Thai silk and other textiles, sarongs, essential oils, meditation bowls (great for people who love yoga), triangle cushions (truly local and not mass-produced), soap carvings (perfect for gift boxes), and authentic Thai umbrellas (the bamboo ones are for use in the rain!).

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Night Market, Chiang Mai

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