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This is a premium pay what you want photo pack by Igor Ovsyannykov.

"I'm currently living in New Delhi, India. Every day when I head to the coffee shop, I tend to have a camera in my hand. The guy you see in the featured picture is the boss. After I took that picture, I showed it to him and he allowed me to go inside to take more. I love grungy shops and this was definitely one of them.
It's funny to think that usual stock images of car or repair shops are nice, tidy, and clean. If you've even worked or been inside one, you'd know that is far from the truth. Actual car shops are dusty, greasy, and messy, like they should be.
My goal was to give the viewer on the other side an authentic feeling and a realistic representation of what an Indian repair shop looks like." - Igor Ovsyannykov

What You'll Get:

Zip file with 20 JPEG images

Each are over 6000 x 4000px

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Auto Repair Shop

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